Monday, May 10, 2010

59" 5/10/2010

59" (circumference)
Still small enough to pick up (barely)
I began this giant yarn ball in 1997, but it languished for years in my living room. This summer I'm going to grow it into the giantest yarn ball in Houston.

Yarn donations will be gratefully incorporated; all donors will recieve a testimonial letter at the grand unveiling next fall. Drop your old skeins at Bill's Junk 1125 E 11th St., Houston, TX


  1. Dude, you always did make me smile.

  2. i am so glad its being documented! it grows so fast!

  3. There must be a beach ball, basketball and/or an anvil in there somewhere. Radiography might be in order. But I honor your apparent patriotism. The Canadians must not be allowed a monopoly on big useless things. That hamburger was an affront.